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By Ryan Gertner, Ph.D.

Individual Contributors are the hard working, task-driven team members who, while not involved in managing or delegating responsibilities, are invaluable resources for driving your business forward. Individual Contributor roles vary greatly in the tasks they perform and the traits or characteristics that are needed to perform at a high level. How do you know if someone has what it takes to be successful in an individual contributor role?

Unfortunately, many assessments utilize a “cookie-cutter” approach that is designed to fit all job types, and as such, these broader-based assessments fail to be successful predictors of job performance. At HAP, rather than applying a “one size fits all” approach, we have defined the specific traits that are important for various job families in order to create Individual Contributor Success Profiles to ensure greater fit. The sort of work style, interpersonal style, and personal characteristics that make up a solid customer service representative are vastly different than an IT professional. HAP offers ready-to-use, industry standard Individual Contributor Success Profiles for job families within the corporate environment to ensure your candidates are being measured against the appropriate, job-related criteria to be successful in their roles.

Whether you’re looking to hire a Receptionist, Accountant, IT Service Technician, or a Skilled Laborer, we’ve got you covered. We embrace the “one size fits one”, not “one size fits all” approach. It’s important to utilize assessments that have been tailored to fit the positions you are hiring for, or you may find yourself with the wrong kind of Individual Contributor.