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Conducted by Founder & CEO Ashley Hollweg, Ph.D., Hollweg Assessment Partner’s (HAP’s) executive services are tailored to Senior Director positions through the C-Suite. Ashley’s fundamental belief in the art and science of assessment is embedded in her process of interpreting assessment data through the lens of getting to know the human behind the data first. Weaving information from a host of data points in close partnership with clients and more than 20 years of working intimately with executives, Ashley’s insights offer immeasurable value to clients and candidates alike.


Evaluates a candidate across a comprehensive set of leadership competencies and traits at the Director or Executive levels. The assessment is comprised of a battery of online assessment measures, as well as an in-depth personal interview with Ashley Hollweg. Utilizing equal parts art and science, the Assessment for Selection gauges an external candidate’s fit for the role, the team and the client’s strategy/culture.

Options include:

  • Executive Assessment :
  • Designed for VP level and above

  • Director Assessment :
  • Designed for Director level


For the purpose of internal promotion, succession planning, performance improvement, or simply developmental feedback to valued leaders, the Developmental Assessment is a specialized service that HAP offers. The process (in terms of online assessments and in-depth interview with Ashley) mirrors that of the Assessment for Selection, but culminates in a feedback session with Ashley. This process includes a personalized audio recording of the feedback (for the leader’s use only) and a well-defined action plan moving forward. This offering helps to facilitate professional growth for the individual as well as organizational succession planning.

Options include:

  • Executive Assessment :
  •  Designed for VP level and abovel

  • Director Assessment :
  •  Designed for Director level


HAP’s 360° Surveys are designed for existing leaders in an effort to surface an individual’s strengths, gaps and areas for further development as identified by their direct reports, peers and supervisor(s). The 360° Surveys match HAP’s position-specific competencies, which are rooted in our extensive knowledge of role-specific traits and behaviors. Ashley delves into the heart of the results, offering rich insights and unvarnished feedback to the 360° participant. Her analysis skillfully discerns and illuminates relevant patterns, serving as a precise compass guiding the individual’s professional development.


By seamlessly combining the objective approach of the Executive Developmental Assessment with the subjective perspective provide by a 360° Survey, Ashley creates a dynamic and impactful developmental experience for the leader that culminates in a targeted action plan to promote both personal and professional development.


Highly sought-after by both private clients and private equity firms, these assessments offer an invaluable and impartial perspective into the strengths and work styles of each member of a leadership or management team, including CEOs, boards of directors, and PE firms.


In addition to offering individualized feedback on complementary strengths, potential areas of improvement, and style differences, Ashley provides comprehensive group-level feedback to the leadership team. This includes actionable recommendations on how to leverage the collective strengths of the group as they work to become a highly effective and cohesive leadership team.