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An automated 8-minute assessment* that identifies best-fit candidates acoss various hourly roles using HAP’s proprietary scoring methodology. The assessment provides hiring managers with an overall rating recommendation, follow-up interview questions, an in-depth development report, and a tailorted interpretation guide. HAP’s hourly offerings can be easily customized for your specific industry, culture, and brand.


Servers, line cooks, production assistants, customers services, warehouse personnel, delivery drivers


Seven (7) individual personality traits are rated on a four-points scales of low, marginal, good, and strong. A one-page report is instantly generated
highlighting these traits with a bottom-line recommendation.


Provides hiring managers an easy-to-use tool that helps increase retention, reduce turnover, and implement development opportunities.

Hourly Add-On Services :

Appropriate for key hourly position that demands a higher level of service or customer engagement.

Learning Agility :

Measures vebral and quantitative skills, offering greater insight into a candidate’s ability to learn and grow on the job


Measures a candidate’s engagement and likelihood to remain on the job

Potential :

Measures a candidate’s leadership capacity

* Average time; assessment times may vary and will increase with add-on options.