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To us, business is personal.

As a trusted advisor and true partner, open communication with our clients is paramount.

Our Approach

At Hollweg Assessment Partners, our purpose is to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, delivering high-touch service and customized assessments through leading-edge science and technology.

Every client has a unique culture and talent strategy that they are striving to enhance, preserve or develop. Because of the emphasis we place on individuality (of organizations, teams and employees alike), we tailor our approach to each client’s specific talent objectives. We offer targeted assessment solutions for each level of an organization, from hourly associates through executive leadership.

The leadership of HAP has over 20 years of experience in assessing talent at all levels in an organization. HAP’s predictive tools are built on professional research on individual work performance and on-the-job success. With our expert knowledge and proven tools, the HAP team takes pride in partnering with our clients to help them achieve their unique organizational goals.

Our Experience and Beliefs

The leadership of HAP is deeply experienced in talent at all levels in an organization. HAP’s predictive tools are built on a foundation of a vast body of professional research on individual work performance and job success. Additionally, the principals of HAP have designed and directed the creation of a new measure of potential work performance and validated these assessment tools in predicting job success across a broad range of organizations.

HAP Embraces Two Fundamental Beliefs:

  • “One size fits one”, not “one size fits all”. Many success-predictor tools are designed to fit all jobs, but these broad based assessments provide, at best, a mediocre prediction of job performance. HAP always recommends a process of customization in order to provide a “best fit” assessment tool that addresses the unique job responsibilities and culture of the organization.
  • Great client service and responsiveness is a cornerstone of HAP. Under the leadership of Dr. Ashley Hollweg, outstanding client service is deeply imbedded in the DNA of the organization. Phone calls and emails are promptly returned and access to a professional for questions is both readily available and encouraged. Many organizations try to market “service” as a differentiator but few achieve it.