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Hourly – Senior Leadership Assessments

From our first interaction through the entirety of our partnership, our goal is to understand your business and hiring needs so that we can effectively align our assessment solutions to your culture and organization. 

Customization made easy.

Our HAPSelect suite of assessments offers a multitude of ready-to-use industry standard benchmarks, or success profiles, so that you can implement assessments immediately. To ensure the best fit for your organization, we can also easily customize our assessments to align more closely to your specific needs.  We create job-specific benchmarks by identifying ideal personality trait ranges based on your organization’s performance data.  

Access at any time, from anywhere.

Our online assessment platform gives your candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers access to assessments 24/7 from any device. Completed candidate reports post back to the dashboard within seconds to keep your hiring process moving forward.

True partnership that promotes your success.

Your HAPSelect team will partner with you to ensure that all assessment platform users are fully trained to understand the assessment process and to use assessment reports to gain maximum benefit in your hiring, promotion, and developmental initiatives. We continuously work with you to refine measurements as necessary to help effectively identify candidates who will perform better and stay longer.  We regularly provide stakeholders with candidate trend reports and annual hiring reviews to evaluate the impact of assessments on your organization.

HAPSelect Senior Leader

Our HAPSelect Senior Leader solution is made up of targeted assessments specifically designed for the selection of upper-level management. These assessments are designed to identify key differentiating factors that are necessary for success in these roles. 

  • Senior Leader/Senior Leader+ 
  • Director: This top-level assessment includes an in-depth consultant written summary as well as additional measures of cognitive reasoning and personality characteristics to address the broad scope of responsibilities at the director level. 
  • Director+:  In addition to the top-level assessment with additional cognitive reasoning and personality characteristics, the Director+ includes a  candidate phone interview with a HAPSelect consultant and a selection report featuring an expanded consultant written summary.
HAPSelect Professional/Corporate

Our HAPSelect Professional/Corporate suite of solutions includes targeted assessments to help identify the best fit talent across different levels and positions within a corporate or home office environment.  Each assessment is designed to measure the varying competencies and traits that are necessary for success from individual contributor to manager level. 

  • Professional/Corporate (Home Office)
  • Director: This top-level assessment includes an in-depth consultant written summary as well as additional measures of cognitive reasoning and personality characteristics to address the broad scope of responsibilities at the director level. 
  • Manager: Manager level assessments target the traits linked to success in key areas such as operational leadership and people leadership. Manager level results can be measured against supervisor, process manager or people manager success profiles.  Automated or consultant-reviewed options available.
  • Individual Contributor: Individual contributor assessments help identify the best fit candidates for specialized roles such as skilled/technical, professional or sales experts.  Automated or consultant-reviewed options available.


HAPSelect Field Management/Hourly

Our HAPSelect Field Management/Hourly suite of solutions are designed to target the competencies and traits that are necessary for success within decentralized organizations where on-site managers are required to “own” their operations/decisions and manage a sizeable staff of hourly associates. 

  • Field Management
  • Multi-Unit Manager – HAP created a specific success profile to assess the unique skills/characteristics necessary to effectively manage multiple locations across varying geographic regions. This assessment includes a consultant written summary to provide additional insights into candidate’s strengths and opportunities. 
  • Manager – The assessments within this position level hone in on the necessary skills and attributes that managers (General Managers and Assistant Managers) need to maximize leadership potential.
  • Hourly – Quick and user-friendly, the hourly assessments are short, simple and targeted to measure the critical traits that are necessary for success in team lead, customer service and production positions. HAP also offers additional hourly assessment options that include measurements for candidate integrity and leadership potential.


HAPSelect Restaurant Management/Hourly

HAP has deep experience and expertise in defining the critical competencies and traits that drive success in the restaurant industry. Over the past 40 years, the leadership team of HAP has conducted extensive research, job analysis, and data collection to evaluate and identify the ideal success profiles for positions throughout restaurant operations. In a fast-paced, high-volume environment, not everyone can be successful. HAP has developed the “recipe for success” through our validated scoring methodology to identify best fit candidates for restaurant management and hourly positions. 

  • Restaurant Management
    • Multi-Unit Manager: Responding to a significant need within the restaurant industry, HAP created this tool to assess the unique skills/characteristics of the Multi-Unit Manager (MUM), which is widely acknowledged to be the most difficult transition in the industry. Our consultant-written summary hones in on candidate strengths and opportunities as they relate to managing multiple locations and different managers through the art of effective communication and influence. 
    • Restaurant Manager: Restaurant manager assessments help identify the best fit candidates to effectively manage operations and teams across high-volume to fine dining.
  • Restaurant Hourly Team Member
    • FOH & BOH: HAP’s hourly assessments were designed to quickly identify candidates who possess the traits necessary for success in front of house (FOH), back of house (BOH) and shift lead positions. With the candidate experience in mind, these assessments can be completed onsite via our platform kiosk function or from any device in less than 10 minutes.
    • Team Lead/Key Hourly: Team lead and key hourly assessments enable you to easily identify those candidates who will be able to successfully make the transition from entry-level hourly positions to team lead and key hourly leadership positions.
  • HAP also offers job-specific benchmarks for the following positions:
  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • FOH & BOH Hourly
  • Key Hourly or Team Lead
  • Limited Service Hourly
  • Limited Service Manager (Quick Serve/Fast Casual)
  • Limited Service Team Lead (Quick Serve/Fast Casual)



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