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Navigating the Resources

  1. Read the information below about the trait to develop a greater understanding of your strength/opportunity.
  2. Consider the Stop, Start, Continue examples to create your own actionable change behaviors.
  3. Explore the trait more fully by taking advantage of the weblinks below.


(Holding Team Accountable, Conflict Management)

Tough-mindedness measures the extent to which you are able to directly handle conflict, address problems, and hold others accountable. Explore the resources to gain a greater understanding of tough-mindedness and how it impacts your ability to be successful in the workplace.


Higher levels of tough-mindedness indicate you will promptly address issues and provide others with clear, straightforward feedback.


Lower levels of tough-mindedness indicate you likely shy away from conflict and tend to be too willing to compromise.


Excessive levels of tough-mindedness indicate you may be argumentative and overly competitive.

Identify an opportunity area that you would like to change. Then, develop behaviors that you can Stop (unhelpful or limiting behaviors), Start (behaviors that you can begin now), and Continue (behaviors that you already do well) to improve in this area. Use the examples below to help create your own Stop, Start, and Continue behaviors. 

Stop Start Continue
Shying away from conflict. Preparing what you will say ahead of time to be direct yet tactful about the problem. Communicating your goals.
Backing down or compromising on issues important to you. Being clear but firm as you take your stance. Preparing what you will say without a full script.
Allowing others to fail to perform. Providing straightforward feedback to others when they fail to meet standards. Preparing ideas ahead of time to bring to meetings.