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Navigating Change: Remote Worker Resources

These resources provide tips and tricks for maintaining effective lines of communication and team work as well as ways to manage your productivity.

How to Telework Effectively

As many employees and leaders are embracing telework as a way of life, it’s important to know how to prepare for this new way of working. Click here to access an SHRM article that provides some tangible tips for both employers and employees to prepare for telework, considering both operational needs and social needs when working in a virtual environment.

Virtual Meetings

One of the areas that can suffer most in telework is running effective meetings. In this YouTube video, Steven Rogelberg, author of The Surprising Science of Meetings, offers 10 practical tips for conducting effective virtual meetings. Some of our favorite tips include: don’t over-invite, incorporate active facilitation, and ask for feedback about your virtual meetings. More innovations in virtual meeting software and best practices will emerge as more people are exposed to this process.

How Dual Career Couples Can Work Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Adjusting to remote work can be challenging; especially, if you and your partner/spouse have suddenly found yourselves trying to adjust to working remotely out of the same space. This article from a Harvard Business Review contributor offers some helpful strategies and tactics based on the author’s experience working from home with their partner/spouse during the COVID-19 pandemic.