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Navigating the Resources

  1. Read the information below about the trait to develop a greater understanding of your strength/opportunity.
  2. Consider the Stop, Start, Continue examples to create your own actionable change behaviors.
  3. Explore the trait more fully by taking advantage of the weblinks below.

Emotional Consistency

(Capacity to Handle Pressure, Stress Tolerance)

Emotional resilience measures the extent to which you remain even-tempered and operate smoothly when under pressure. The resources below should provide you with the steps for increasing or decreasing your level of emotional resilience.


Higher levels of emotional consistency indicate you are able to handle stressful situations and disappointments in a calm and composed manner.


Lower levels of emotional consistency indicate you may be easily frustrated or emotionally reactive to situations.


Excessive levels of emotional consistency indicate you may be overly stoical or unemotional in some circumstances, limiting your ability to relate to others.

Identify an opportunity area that you would like to change. Then, develop behaviors that you can Stop (unhelpful or limiting behaviors), Start (behaviors that you can begin now), and Continue (behaviors that you already do well) to improve in this area. Use the examples below to help create your own Stop, Start, and Continue behaviors. 

Stop Start Continue
Allowing frustrations to show. Taking the opportunity to take a break when you feel frustrated or stressed. Thinking critically about decisions.
Blowing problems out of proportion. Considering the problem realistically and thinking through the immediate implications first without extrapolating to the “what-ifs” Turning to coworkers for support when needed.
Being cynical about situations. Taking the negative and considering a neutral or positive counter thought to balance a pessimistic attitude. Developing healthy responses to your stressors.

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