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Navigating the Resources

  1. Read the information below about the trait to develop a greater understanding of your strength/opportunity.
  2. Consider the Stop, Start, Continue examples to create your own actionable change behaviors.
  3. Explore the trait more fully by taking advantage of the weblinks below.

Drive and Energy

(Action Orientation)

Drive and energy measures the degree to which you display a sense of urgency or action-orientation. The resources below should provide you with the steps for increasing or decreasing your level of drive and energy.


Higher levels of drive and energy indicate you work with a strong sense of urgency and move at a rapid pace.


Lower levels of drive and energy indicate you may be too laid back and relaxed with a slower response style.


Excessive levels of drive and energy indicate you may be too quick-paced and urgent, coming across as impatient or frantic.

Identify an opportunity area that you would like to change. Then, develop behaviors that you can Stop (unhelpful or limiting behaviors), Start (behaviors that you can begin now), and Continue (behaviors that you already do well) to improve in this area. Use the examples below to help create your own Stop, Start, and Continue behaviors. 

Stop Start Continue
Procrastinating. Setting an early due date and holding yourself to it through a reward system. Using a planner to track your goals.
Working at a slow, methodical pace. Setting a goal for accomplishing more work than is typical, push yourself to improve your sense of urgency. Setting small goals and rewarding yourself when you accomplish them.
Taking too much time to make decisions Taking action quickly; making decisions immediately when possible and quickly when not. Taking small breaks when needed to help with your energy levels.