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Navigating the Resources

  1. Read the information below about the trait to develop a greater understanding of your strength/opportunity.
  2. Consider the Stop, Start, Continue examples to create your own actionable change behaviors.
  3. Explore the trait more fully by taking advantage of the weblinks below.

Critical Reasoning

Critical Reasoning measures the extent to which you can recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions. You will need to expend additional time and energy to improve your critical reasoning skills and the resources below should provide you with a number of ways to increase this trait.


Higher levels of critical reasoning indicate you quickly interpret complex information appropriately and assimilate it into a sound conclusion.


Lower levels of critical reasoning indicate you may struggle to gather sufficient information and develop accurate, objective conclusions based on evidence.

Identify an opportunity area that you would like to change. Then, develop behaviors that you can Stop (unhelpful or limiting behaviors), Start (behaviors that you can begin now), and Continue (behaviors that you already do well) to improve in this area. Use the examples below to help create your own Stop, Start, and Continue behaviors. 

Stop Start Continue
Generalizing information into unwarranted conclusions. Considering how various perspectives could lead to interpreting the same facts differently when you gather information. Researching more information to be better prepared.
Skimming the surface level of information. Focusing on evaluating arguments based on the relevance and strength of the evidence supporting them. Asking questions to learn more about a topic.
Letting your emotions and preferences influence your evaluations and viewpoint of the world around you. Thinking through a situation logically, separating yourself from it personally, and attempt to limit biases. Utilizing those around you to help make complex decisions.